What is Radiological equipment?

The primary function of Radiological Equipment or X-Ray Apparatus is to provide a sufficient and controlled intensity of electron flow to produce an X-ray beam with the desired quantity and quality. There are different X-ray machines, which are usually identified according to the X-ray energy they have or the purpose for which they are dedicated.


  • FIXED: are those embedded X-ray equipment where the tube does not slide in any direction. Their usefulness lies in the fact that they emit X-rays and produce images, and the disadvantage is that because they are fixed, they do not allow the direction of the tube to be easily positioned like this.

In radiological diagnosis, the terms radiolucent and radiopaque describe the visual appearance of radiographed anatomical structures that vary between black (radiolucent) and white (radiopaque).

  • Very radiolucent (black) Gas, Lung
  • Moderately radiolucent

Intermediate grade tissues (less white) Water White tissues Blood Stones Cholesterol Uric acid

  • Moderately radio-opaque (white) Bone
  • Very radio-opaque (white) Calcium salts Heavy metals Barium Metal

projectile FLUOROSCOPY

Es the radiological procedure through which the internal structures of the organism are observed in real-time.

In modern radiology equipment, the dynamic images of fluoroscopy are observed on a television screen after the radiation produced by the X-ray tube has passed through the patient, striking the

RADIOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT DIFFERENT RADIOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT The primary function of Radiological Equipment or X-Ray Apparatus is to provide a sufficient and controlled intensity of electron flow to produce an X-ray beam with the desired quantity and quality. There are different X-ray machines, and they are usually identified according to the X-ray energy they have or the purpose to which they are dedicated. 

Contrasted Studies of Radiology

Plates of the filling duodenal bulb will be taken. INTESTINAL TRANSIT Radiological examination for the study of the intestine. Indications: Bleeding from the digestive tract Abdominal pain Malabsorption syndrome Tumor masses Intestinal obstruction Contraindications: Perforation of the digestive tract Tracheoesophageal fistula Radiological Equipment:

ORIGIN OF X-RAYS November 8, 1895, was an unforgettable date for medicine, for the discovery of x-rays by Professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Fig.1 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. At the beginning of the radiology era, the film was printed on glass plates, with the primary component of silver halide. Movies based on cellulose materials were used, inserted into hermetically sealed envelopes, themselves required…

Radiology artifacts

ARTIFACTS IN RADIOLOGY: Conventional and Digital.- Members: 1. Nattaly Navarrete Riffo 2. Cecilia Vega Arias. Teacher: TM Daniel San Martin.- Career: Temuco Medical Technology,

Radiology Clinic Marketing Plan

Stage 1: Definition of the object of analysis Marketing plan for a Radiology clinic in La Cuesta de Corredores Stage 2: Strategic analysis of the situation Analysis of the environment * Analysis of the macro environment: Economic environment Growth prospects: Evolution of the interest rate: Evolution of prices: Exchange rates: Demographic environment: As can be seen in the following tables, the population by age has increased by approximately 1.5% per year. Canton….

Radiological studies in patients with pulmonary cystic fibrosis

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Experimental University “Rómulo Gallegos” Deanship of Continuing Studies TS U Program in Radiodiagnosis Mobile Classroom Military Hospital IMAGE STUDIES RELATED TO PULMONARY CYSTIC FIBROSIS Technical Specialization Work to Opt for the University Higher Technical Degree in Radiodiagnosis Author: Adriana Tovar….

History of radiology

RADIOLOGY IN MEXICO PERIOD A. Morín published in the weekly newspaper El Mundo ilustrado de Puebla, where he narrates the discovery of X-Rays, an article where he prints some X-rays of a healthy hand of a girl and that of a tuberculosis patient, the brain of a lover among others and the necessary shielding for women against the indiscretions of the images taken by Roentgen… 

Cabinet Diagnostic Methods

The user has a duly completed request for a radiological study, with the patient’s name, age, and sex.

Radiology, Beam Restrictor Devices

university of el salvador faculty of medicine school of medical technology degree in radiology and imaging beam restrictor devices by. when the x-ray beam interacts with matter, some of these x-rays can exert effects.

Historical figures of radiology

Transcendental doctors in the history of medicine from ancient to modern times will continue with radiologists from CIR countries. Month by month, the new biographies published in each issue of NOTiCIR will be added. Swedish physicians were the first to announce the systematic teaching of radiology as a speciality. Son of agricultural entrepreneur Abraham Forsell, Gösta was a student in Stockholm when Roentgen….

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