Responsibilities of Amazon and Seller in Amazon FBA Business

Amazon, having access to an increasing number of countries and expanding its marketplace in not only the developed countries but also bringing developing countries, into its business circle. The fast-growing e-commerce retailing business, which has professional and top-quality services, is offering a number of services to its sellers along the buyers spreading all over the globe.

Most of the new sellers are making unrealistic decisions regarding their Amazon FBA businesses and so, find it difficult to manage once they are started. So, it’s better to have detailed knowledge regarding which services you would be offered by Amazon with the Amazon FBA model.

Here is a quick guide on which service Amazon would be offering you under the FBA business model.

Responsibilities of Amazon under FBA Model

Receiving the Inventory– When the inventory is sent to the Amazon warehouse, it’s the Amazon professional team that will receive the inventory, check the number of packages there are in total, and inform you with a confirmation email that the inventory has been receiving. For this purpose, the seller is required to provide the address from where the inventory is coming and the GTIN codes which would be printed on the cases or main packages of the inventory. The inventory, which is coming to the Amazon warehouses each moment, is identified with the GTIN number and the information of the sender.

Storage at the Amazon Warehouse– Once the inventory is received, the inventory is stored in the warehouse of Amazon. The inventory is sorted according to the feature, size, weight, and niches. If the inventory requires special storage like for drugs and medicines, the storage would be temperature controlled. For fragile goods, the storage might have the relevant features which would be safe for the storage of the goods. Most of the services at the storage warehouses of Amazon are carried by robots, so, it’s necessary to have professional packaging of the product. Under Amazon storage, your inventory is safe in any terms.

Pick, Pack, and Ship to the buyer– When you get an order for the products which are in the warehouse of Amazon, it’s the responsibility of Amazon to pick the product from the storage, pack it and then ship it to the buyer through its courier service. The seller will receive the amount once the payment is made by the buyer. It is the responsibility of the Amazon shipping service to deliver the product, undamaged and in a safe manner, within the mentioned time. For any later deliveries, damages, or misplacing the product shipment, Amazon is responsible.

Customer Care Service– Amazon is also responsible for the customer care service if any of the buyers seek help. For this, Amazon has well-trained Customer Care personal available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. You don’t need to bother if your buyer is asking any questions or making any queries regarding the shipment.

So, these are the services, which Amazon would be providing you for the little charges which Amazon would be deducting once the sales are made. So, the right answer for, “Is Amazon FBA profitable?” is a big YES.


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