More about Acne Scars and Effective Treatment for its Removal

Acne formation is a common skin problem that emerges most often when skin hair follicles get clogged with excess oil present in the pores and combining with dead cells.

Acne is often found on the face and sometimes on the upper part of the chest. The scars aren’t pleasant to look at, thus people try every means of 去暗瘡印.

暗瘡疤痕 may be a common problem however needs experienced skin specialist to eliminate them forever. In the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the Retens Medical centre has achieved laurels like Favourite Frozen Age Medical Beauty Center Award and many more. They have helped hundreds of their patients to be free from acne scars and many other skin problems.

Acne scars

The acne scars are of many types and need different remedies. They may be two types of it like depressed and raised. The depressed ones are atrophic scars commonly known as Boxcar, Icepick and Rolling. The raised acne scars are also known as Hypertrophic.

Even the causes of acne formation are varied and thus people firstly need to understand the reason for the occurrence and then get treated. The emergence of acne scars mainly happens when the acne becomes inflammatory.

The types of acne scar treatments

  • The medicated solutions in the form of topical cream having azelaic acid or the hydroxyl acid as the main ingredient diminish the scar.
  • The most common method applied by a dermatologist is to fill the soft tissues by injecting collagen, fat or any other effective harmless substances. It is a temporary remedy however equalise the skin colour and has negligible side effects.
  • The raised acne scars are often diminished by steroid injections. They are little expensive remedy, however effective.
  • Laser surfacing is becoming top-rated remedy as it has lasting effects however it isn’t suitable for dark skin people.
  • Energy –based procedures like radiofrequency appliances and pulsed light sources help the scar to be seen as less visible. However, it is a safe process as it doesn’t damage the epidermis layer. The only drawback is that you need repeated treatment.
  • To remove severe scarring, dermabrasion method is highly applied by dermatologists. Medical instruments are used to remove the upper skin layer which helps to remove the surface scar and eventually the deeper scars vanish in a few weeks. There are chances of scarring and change in skin colour however it depends upon the type of skin.
  • Chemical peel is another method applied by skin specialists to remove the top layer of skin for diminishing the acne mark. It may need repeated treatments and may subtle the skin tone, but safe remedy.
  • Dermatologist uses a needle like device on the top of the skin to stimulate the collagen formation and slowly the scars diminish. It is a safe method and suits even sensitive skin.
  • A minor surgery called punch excision is done that helps to loosen the tissue fibres of the skin layers and slowly the scar vanishes forever.

暗瘡印凹凸洞 removal isn’t a problem if done by an expert dermatologist in your locality.

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