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When buying services or products for your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many available options. There is a lot to consider if you want your home to function with greater efficiency. Fortunately, sometimes, the company itself can help you make these decisions with greater ease.

A lot of busy homeowners may look for the quickest and easiest way to equip their home with the necessities. One way to do this is by keeping a minimalistic style, so that the required attention can also be minimized. Individually purchasing gadgets can be a bit of a hassle, since it requires more extensive research and browsing; however, by opting for packages or bundles, this problem can be solved.

There are several different benefits to buying in the form of packages. Not only does it save you time and money, it can also give you some perks which would not be available with the individual purchase of that gadget. The following are some FirstEnergy package to help you build a more customized smart home.

Indoor Smart Starter Package

The indoor smart starter package is essentially for homeowners who are new at smart home automation and want to give it a try. This package is perfect for relatively smaller homes, such an apartments or dorm rooms. This set of devices works well in combination with one another, which means you won’t have to purchase any external devices to fully utilize their respective functions. The following are the three gadgets included in this package.

  • Sengled Smart Multicolor Wi-Fi Bulbs
  • Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • Google Nest Mini

The first two gadgets are compatible with the Google Nest Mini, so you’ll be able to remotely operate them with ease. Smart lighting in your home can become much simpler through the use of these gadgets. The Smart plug will allow you to convert your existing gadgets into smart ones by giving them certain features of smart technology, which makes this an excellent alternative to thorough smart home automation.

This package is a good choice for your living room, bedroom or any other place where you tend to spend a lot of your time. It may also be used to improve your home office and enhance productivity during a work day from home.

Outdoor Security Starter Package

Home security is understandably an important concern for any homeowner. It is what allows you to keep your valuables, family and property safe from all kinds of threats. To make the process easier, home security may be divided into indoor and outdoor security.

The requirements of outdoor security are relatively minimal. It focuses mainly on keeping intruders away from your home and improving visibility, so that you can monitor your home regardless of the time of day. This particular package includes the following two gadgets.

  • Sengled Outdoor Motion-Sensor Floodlight
  • Google Nest Doorbell – Battery

Lighting is the most basic way to increase outdoor security. A well-lit home automatically becomes less approachable to unwanted visitors, and you’re able to see more clearly simply by looking outside the window or peephole. A floodlight is a highly effective way to light the outer area of your home, since it is much more intense than regular LED bulbs. The motion sensor allows it to sense anyone who steps into a 30 ft. radius, and shine a blinding light to warn them that your home is occupied.

The Google Nest Doorbell is an excellent front door security gadget. Video doorbells allow you to keep a much better eye on the activity outside your front door, which can be very helpful under various circumstances; for example, if you’re new to the neighborhood, this is a good way to interact with new visitors, neighbors and to keep watch on neighborhood children who may damage your property. This is also a good way for busy homeowners to keep track of whoever visits, so you never miss an important package.

This package can help make your home more secure, while also helping you save time and energy. Additionally, adding a camera would mean that you no longer have to worry about surveillance around your home.

Energy Efficiency Starter Kit

A lot of homeowners want to make their living space more ecofriendly. With how many electronics are used in our home on a daily basis, it is important to be mindful of how much energy is being consumed. The energy efficiency starter kit aims to reduce this by focusing on gadgets which tend to consume the most energy in your home. These are the gadgets included in the package:

  • Google Nest Thermostat
  • Sengled Wi-Fi LED Soft White Smart Bulbs
  • Google Nest Mini

A thermostat is one of the most used gadgets in any home. To keep your home at a constant temperature, the thermostat needs to maintain it throughout the day, which is why upgrading to a smart thermostat is a good idea.

Smart lighting can also help save a lot of energy, since these bulbs consume significantly less energy than outdated lighting methods, such as incandescent bulbs.

To connect these gadgets together, the Google Nest Mini is an excellent addition to your home; not only will it allow you to control your gadgets in a more convenient way, it has features which can help you out with a lot of different tasks throughout the day.

Packages can act as a guide for what to buy, especially if you’re new at smart home automation. They group together compatible gadgets which can tackle one particular aspect of your home, such as energy efficiency, lighting or temperature control. This way, you will be sure that each gadget in the set will be compatible with the others, and can utilize them to their fullest.

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