Top Trends in Exterior Painting: Giving Your Colorado Home a Facelift


The exterior of your Colorado home is the first thing people notice when they visit or pass by. It not only sets the tone for your property, but it also protects your house from the severe Colorado environment. If you’re looking to refresh the look of your home’s exterior, consider these top trends in exterior painting. With the help of House Interior and Exterior Painting Services Colorado, you can transform your house into a work of art.

Earthy Tones and Nature-Inspired Colors

Colorado’s stunning natural landscapes provide endless inspiration for exterior paint choices. Many homeowners are opting colours for Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Services Colorado such as for sage green, warm brown, and deep blues. These hues not only complement the surrounding environment but also create a harmonious connection between your home and its surroundings.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Paints

Environmental consciousness is a growing trend in all aspects of home improvement, including exterior painting. Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Services in Colorado offers sustainable and eco-friendly paints that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful chemicals. These paints not only protect your home but also contribute to a healthier environment.

Dark and Moody Accents

Contrasting colours can add drama and sophistication to your home’s exterior. Dark and moody accents, such as deep charcoal or rich navy, can be used on doors, shutters, or trim to create a striking focal point. This concept gives historic house designs a hint of beauty and modernism.

Matte and Textured Finishes

While glossy finishes have been popular in the past, matte and textured finishes are gaining traction in exterior painting. These finishes provide a unique visual appeal and help conceal imperfections on the surface. Textured paints can mimic materials like stucco or stone, giving your home an authentic and rustic look.

Multi-Tone Color Schemes

Breaking away from single-colour exteriors, multi-tone colour schemes are becoming increasingly popular. This trend involves using two or more complementary colours to highlight architectural features and add depth to your home’s façade. It allows for creativity and personalization while maintaining a cohesive overall look.

Statement Front Doors

Your front entrance is like a warm welcome to your house. Homeowners are opting for statement front doors painted in bold colours like vibrant reds, deep blues, or even cheerful yellows. A bright front door may create an excellent first impression and improve the curb appeal of your property.

Colourful Porches and Outdoor Spaces

Extend your exterior paint palette to your porch, deck, or outdoor living spaces. Adding colour to these places might help to create a smooth transition between your home’s inside and outside. Coordinating outdoor paint choices with your home’s primary colours can tie the entire look together.


Whether you’re aiming for a fresh and timeless look or something more modern and daring, the top trends in exterior painting offer something for every Colorado homeowner. By working with House Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Colorado, you can bring these trends to life and give your home a facelift that will stand out in your neighbourhood. Remember to consider eco-friendly paints and consult with professionals to ensure a beautiful and durable finish. With these trends, your Colorado home will not only look stunning but also be well-prepared to face the ever-changing Rocky Mountain weather.

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