Pizza and Pasta interesting facts about Italian food

What comes to your mind when we talk about Italian food? Pasta? Pizza? Italian food is much more than just pizza and pasta. The truth of Italian food may surprise you or make you yearn to try the food right away. There are a lot of Italian food establishments around Melbourne that offer real and homemade flavors. For now, let us take a look at some interesting realities about Italian cuisine.

  1. There are over 600 varieties of pasta

Being the original home of pasta, Italy has bountiful varieties of pasta offered from many regions. Noodles are offered in many forms, sizes and lengths. But they are all made from the same active ingredients; Flour, eggs and water.

  1. Pizza Has an Ancient History

Pizza was originally a food for the poor. It originated during a time when the ancient Greek, Persian and Roman empires also existed. Initially, they were made with toppings that included just tomatoes and cheese. They have evolved into various toppings and flavors as well as being liked by almost everyone and this is the reason why most people search for Pizza and Pasta Near Me.

  1. There are over 450 varieties of cheese

Today, many types of cheese are used in various foods around the world. But Italian food uses it. The range of cheese readily available in Italy surpasses that of any other city.

  1. Coffee originated from Africa and also came to Italy

Coffee was first introduced to Italy by vendors from Africa in the Republic of Venice. These African merchants made coffee the way it is today. The initial cafe was opened in 1683 due to the high temperature of this coffee. It was opened in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square.

  1. Every field has its own specialty

Different regions also have different specialties, tastes and foods. Every room in Italy has its own taste, and you must experience it. For example, ravioli and pasta originate from the Lombardy region of Italy, while pizza finds its origin in Naples and pesto finds its home in the Italian Riviera.

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