Importance of Algebra in Everyday Life

Algebra is one of the important branches of mathematics and is a widely used concept in many mathematical areas. Also, whenever we are asked to solve a mathematical problem, we use algebra to get the simplified expressions for the same. This will ease our workout to solve the particular problem. Apart from the mathematical importance, we often use algebra in our day-to-day lives without even acknowledging that we are using algebra. More prominently, we can say that we require algebra to solve many real-world problems. Algebra helps us formulate the given situation so that we can easily make computations to get the desired result. Thus, algebra acts as a tool to get the solutions for various real-world examples.

Algebra is constructive in representing a mathematical expression and connecting by using alphabets or other symbols describing the entities. The unknown quantities in the expression can be solved via algebra. Sometimes, we can also formulate the given situation into a mathematical equation. Also, we can use algebraic formulas in our daily lives in different situations, such as determining the distance and volume of containers and calculating the prices of sales as and when needed. Other real-life algebra applications include:

  • Estimation of budget for shopping things
  • Budget money flow in loans and debts by economists
  • Measure and design things
  • Profit-loss breakdown in corporations or any business

Generally, high school or elementary school students will be the first to undergo algebra in their subjects. Many students claim that algebra is one of the most complicated topics compared with other subjects. However, the fact is that algebra is such a topic that it can be easily understood using real-world scenarios. Basically, when you ask someone to brief about algebra, they mostly mention the number patterns, expressions and equations. Still, we can describe algebra in many ways using different situations apart from numbers and expressions.

Algebra is necessary for many factors since it helps simplify the solution of problems. It suggests what is useful and what is not for almost every set of mathematical entities and the functions illustrated for them. This is because algebra contains formulas, such as a quadratic formula, square formula, cube formula, procedures, identities, rules, etc. All of these will help us solve real-life problems that require mathematical computations quickly and efficiently. Some of the important real-world situations where we knowingly and unknowingly apply algebra include the following:

  • Cooking for double or half of the regular members (increase or decrease in the quantity)
  • Health and fitness (calculation of Body Mass Index and taking necessary diet)
  • Sports (measuring distances and other related things and applying necessary strategies)
  • Computer programming and technology (programmers must have good knowledge of dealing with algebra to write accurate code)
  • Home refurnishing (measuring the dimensions and choosing the proper proportions of things to make the home attractive)
  • Business transactions (to estimate profit, loss, demand, supply, etc.)
  • Astrological calculations

In this way, we use algebra in many situations of day-to-day life to make things easier. Thus, algebra helps in improving the quality of life by providing necessary rules and formulas that assist us in finding the solution for any problem which involves mathematical calculations.

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