How to prepare a bicycle for a long trip? Visit a self-service bicycle repair station

A bike breakdown is the last thing you need when going for a weekend or vacation on two wheels. That’s why even before you hit the road, take a close look at your unicycle. You don’t need to take it to a service center where you’ll pay crores – just visit a self-service bike repair station yourself. How can you take care of your vehicle there? We explain!

Check the condition of the unicycle

Want your bike to perform flawlessly on the road? Check carefully that all its components are working as they should.

Brake system

Start with the brakes. Press down on the two handlebar-mounted grips at the same time and look at whether both pads are applying even pressure to the rim. If you find that one is touching it faster than the other, you will need to adjust the brake system. For example, the IBOMBO PRS-sV1 self-service bicycle repair station is equipped with the tools necessary for such a repair. There you will find screwdrivers – flat and Phillips – with which you can tighten or loosen the adjustment screw.

Drive train

Take a look at the drivetrain as well – check the chain for lubrication. Take a short ride and listen to how the drivetrain works. If you hear a disturbing crackling, squeaking noise, it means that the chain needs maintenance.

Go to a bike wash shop, where you can comfortably hang your bike on the supports and clean the drive with special brushes. If the dirt proves difficult to remove and you need to use professional cleaners, rinse the vehicle there with running water. Only then proceed to carefully lubricate the chain.

Take care of the tires

The condition of your tires determines both your comfort and safety while driving. Take a look at whether the tires are worn out, whether the tread is worn down. Replace them if there are deformations, cracks on them.

Inspect the condition of your tires by going to a bicycle repair station. Use the pressure gauge there and check if the pressure in the wheels is correct. Also go for a short ride in the park and check if the air is coming out of the tires too quickly. The reason could be a defective inner tube. You can find special tire spoons at the repair station to help you replace it or repair it – you’ll need a special patch or sealing fluid for this.

Adjust your handlebars

During a long bicycle trip, you need to feel like a fish in the water on your vehicle. Drive up to a bike repair shop and think about whether you can definitely assume a comfortable position behind the handlebars. At such a place you will find adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, with which you will adjust your bike. You will quickly lower or raise, the handlebars, so that you can enjoy cycling trails.

Take your tool kit and first aid kit with you

Even if you take care of your bike before you set out on your trip, don’t forget to stow a few basic tools in your backpack. You won’t always be able to count on encountering a repair point along the route, so take with you:

  • a set of bicycle wrenches;
  • a tire pump (preferably one with a pressure gauge);
  • a spare tube and a tire repair kit (patches, glue, wheel spoons);
  • a chain reducer.

Your equipment must also not lack a first aid kit. It should be a waterproof container that contains plasters, a bandage sling, scissors, a thermal blanket, a bandage with a compress, saline, and hydrogen peroxide.

Fix any malfunctions on an ongoing basis

When you encounter a bicycle repair station on your route, stop by it, even if you think your vehicle is fully operational. Check your tire pressure, make sure all bolts are tight, and make sure your brakes are in full working order. On the other hand, if anything starts to worry you, find out as soon as possible where such a point is located – drive to it, including if it becomes necessary to get off the trail.

Be a responsible cyclist and before you go on a trip on two wheels, prepare your vehicle for it. Not only your comfort, but also your safety – including that of other road users – depends on it.

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